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Karsten Wenzlaff is the founder of the Institute of Communications for Social Media (ikosom), a Berlin-based research facility for new forms of electronic technology. He has received an MPhil in International Relations with a thesis on international financial regulation from the University of Cambridge.

He is author of the first European Crowdfunding-Survey and author of the first survey of Crowdfunding in Germany. He also published the first German Crowdsourcing Report, for which he and the co-authors have reveiced the “New Book Award” at the German Book Fair in Frankfurt. Within ikosom he has collaborated with a number of academics and published sector-specific surveys.

In April 2013 he organized the first international Crowdfunding congress in Germany. From 2012 until 2015 he was a member of the Board of the German Crowdsourcing Association and initiated the German Crowdfunding Network. Since 2015, he is the Secretary-General of the German Crowdfunding Association. Karsten was nominated to be a member of the European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum, an advisory body to the European Commission.


Karsten Wenzlaff ist Gründer und Geschäftsführer des Instituts für Kommunikation in sozialen Medien. Er beschäftigt sich intensiv mit dem Thema Crowdfunding und Crowdsourcing, ist Herausgeber des ersten Crowdsourcing-Reports und diverser Studien zum Thema Crowdfunding und Crowdinvesting.
Seit 2011 hat er mehrere Branchentreffen der Crowdfunding-Szene organisiert, war Referent bei zahlreichen Kongressen zum Thema Crowdfunding und hat den Kongress “The Future of Crowdfunding” organisiert. Er ist Mitglied des European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forums der Europäischen Union und Geschäftsführer des Bundesverband Crowdfunding.